Avvocato Emanuele Trabace



Avv. Emanuele Trabace
Born in Genoa on 11 January 1970.
He graduated in Law in 1995 from the University of Genoa with a comparative thesis in private law.
Lawyer since 1997.
Dr Trabace practiced his profession in a law firm specializing in civil matters from 1997 to 2000.
He has been collaborating with Law Firm Volpe - Sanna - Spigno since 2000.
His specializations cover the areas of civil law and third party liability, as well as litigation in and out of court, having mastered significant experience in credit recovery and enforcement actions.
He has also accumulated specific experience in disputes relating to corporate and business contracts issues with particular focus on supermarket activities.
Tenders his services to industrial and commercial undertakings, banking and financial institutions.
He is defense lawyer in national Courts and Arbitration centers.
Dr Trabace coordinates the activities of Law Firm Volpe - Sanna - Spigno which are carried out from the Firm’s legal office in Turin.