The two Genoese law firms have formed an effective partnership under the name B.V.&C., taking the first letter representing each - Law Firms Bartolozzi and Law Firm Volpe-Sanna-Spigno, the latter being active in the area of civil law, commercial law, shipping and international trade, banking, finance and liquidations, while the former specializes in maritime law, air and land transport, recreational boating, logistics and terminal and port issues, as well as in personal, goods and third party liability insurance, international and European Community law and trade and competition law in the maritime and transport sectors.

Collaboration between the two law firms started in 2002, and was the result of the needs of most clients of both law firms for legal assistance spanning over areas much wider than the specific areas of each individual law firm’s core competences in the commercial and transportation sectors respectively.
Moreover, collaboration offers the possibility of having a network of worldwide correspondents. Their combined synergies are represented under "B.V.&C.", which distinguishes and characterizes the image of the law firms.
The relationship with clients is a personalized one and each task is carried out by a team consisting of a senior partner and an assistant, guaranteeing the availability of professional assistance at all times.

Both firms are located in Genoa, precisely in the "skyscraper" overlooking the extremely centrally located Piazza Dante.